Media Cabinet Face-Lift

Things are constantly changing around here, and it reminds me my childhood house in Birmingham. My mom was always painting or redecorating one room or another to freshen up the house. Sooo, I blame her for my constant need to refresh our living space. 🙂 (Hi Mom!) Actually, I credit Mom for my love of interior design, and Dad gets credit for my love of tools and building. More on that in another post. 🙂
J and I recently decided that we didn’t like the paneled cabinet doors under the media center in the Great Room. Here’s a before picture:
GR Shelves
So we decided to give them a face-lift. Using drywall mud we filled the grooves in the doors from the old panel pieces. This step took a few days because of the sanding and re-mudding to get it smooth. After we sanded the last coat of mud, we added some basic wood trim that we cut on the mitre/chop saw and set two inches from the door edges. We used wood glue to attach the trim, and held them in place with about 25 clamps.
After repainting the doors white and updating the hardware, here is the result. You can still see where the grooves were when the sunlight is poring in, but we feel like it still dresses up the area a bit.
Refacing Cabinets
Here is the room view.
Media Cabinet
More soon!


1 Response to “Media Cabinet Face-Lift”

  1. 1 jec614 July 30, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    You guys have amazing patience; ‘love your Renaissance-person balance!!
    L, AJ

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